Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Challenge

I see so many people; friends, family, coworkers get lost in the day to day. They start working late and stop working out... loose sight of their hobbies and ambitions. Soon weeks become months become years and suddenly you're stuck in the same routine. My goal, and I'm starting fresh, is to break out of this routine, enjoy the summer and simplify my life.

I'll be perfectly honest... I am no expert in the stuff I plan to write on but can tell you what I like, what works for those perpetually working towards enlightenment, or just a few ideas to mix things up a bit.

I live to eat, love good food and don't think I could ever compromise on this... won't touch diets but am more than willing try some simple healthy recipes.

I enjoy a drink, going out with friends helps me keep my sanity... just need to find some new refreshing drinks for the hot months ahead.

I need to workout, but have trouble finding the time... we'll see how waking up at 6 for a quick workout a couple times a week treats me?

So I take this post as a personal challenge to get fit, healthy and have a fantastic time doing it! Enjoy...

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