Friday, January 18, 2013

Beaujolais vs Bordeaux

Wine Battles - being the first of hopefully many I will take this opportunity to explain the concept: I'll take 2 wines between $10 & $20 to represent the region in which I'll be comparing. The overall goal is to chose which wines I like the best through various head to head battles.

Disclaimer - by no means do I claim to know what I am talking about more than my own personal opinion and welcome any criticism as I am still learning about this vast industry.

Beaujolais - Smooth, layered, easy to drink... a tangy, zesty citrus beginning with a blackberry, raspberry finish but sewn together in a way they complimented each other; a bit sweet for my liking though. I am still trying to tell the difference between sweet and acidic, any tips? Note main grape in Gamay.

Bordeaux - Vanilla, kind of smoky smell... much more tannic and almost bitter during the first glass but acclimated nicely after a little while, I can only assume this is due to the tannins breathing. Its bolder as well, it kicks your mouth with strong flavors that seem to stick around for a while. I would guess it has mostly Cabernet Sauvignon over the other 5 grapes used in Bordeaux blends but thats only a guess.

Winner - Now this is going to seem pretty unfulfilling, especially for my first wine battle but I'm going to pick Beaujolais for the first bottle... then switch to the Bordeaux after it aged for 3 years :) I know what you're thinking and YES I can time travel on my Blog... but if I had to chose one region over the other right now I would pick Bordeaux being the winner today. I predict a future rematch but with a 2009 vintage!! I also plan to talk a bit more about the grapes from what I learn on the super awesome and educational podcast Wine for Normal People.

Credit - 2010 Beaujolais Village by Jean Bouchard & 2010 Bordeaux Chateau Bordeneuve

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