Monday, March 12, 2012

Fast Twitch Muscles

I am a firm believer that the world would be a better place if everyone was able to admit when they are Wrong!! After some research, one of my first posts on The Multidisciplinary Workout, which focused on Ab Workouts, was not necissarily the best advice...

I recommended 4 different Ab Exercises to be repeat once maybe twice; I will now admit this is not the most efficient workout because Abs are Fast Twitch Muscles ie they fire strong and will get exhausted fast. Therefore for Fast Twitch Muscles it is more efficient to perform aggressive exercises than multiple sets at a lighter weight. 

Back to Abs the best practice is subjective, especially when using your self weight but note that 100s of sloppy sit ups will not get you 6 pack abs. Personally I still stick to my core core lift of Super Crunches, squeezing at the top to emphasize the resistance. I also found a great new exercise, Side Plank with a Knee Tuck. No more than 20 slow reps and repeat... but maybe repeat the next day :)

It's hard to confirm exactly which muscles are Fast Twitch vs Slow Twitch as everyone is different. Sprinters will typically have a higher percentage of Fast Twitch Muscles compared to Distance Runners. If you want Size & Power check out these Tips for you body to develop Fast Twitch Muscles. If you're like me, a non specific athlete, and just want to be as efficient as possible in the gym heres one rule of thumb: Fast Twitch Muscle are likely pull muscles ie Biceps, Lats, & Hamstrings therefore respond better to less reps with heavier weight.

For the athlete seeking Muscle Tone & Endurance; check out guide to Slow Twitch Muscles!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coconut Water

As I mentioned in my Last Blog, we just returned from sun-filled-holiday in the Maldives!! But what I failed to mention is both L & I have Northern European skin ie Pale with Freckles so the UV Rays seam to go out of its way to find us?!

We were OK for the first and second day bathing in sunscreen before we went out however the third day was a shocker!! A morning lather followed by a Quick Swim then a walk from island to island, topped off with an afternoon of snorkeling... needless to say our back and legs were a little beat up. Luckily for us though the Beach Guru showed up at our back porch offering Fresh Coconuts... We got 2!! The water was refreshing and the meat was addictive!!

Livestong says the best cure for a sunburn is Aloe Vera but personally I prefer Simple & Excessive Hydration!! This will naturally lubricate skin and help Prevent Pealing. Furthermore, Coconut Water hydrates much better than water as it contains Electrolytes just like Gatorade but without the added sugar.

Other great health benefits of Coconut Water: the High Potassium / Low Sodium Content helps Lower Blood Pressure, Raises Metabolism, it's a Natural Detox, Heightens Immune System, plus Many More...

So if you see the Beach Guru; just ask for a Fresh Chopped Coconut with a Natural Spoon!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Adam's Peak

A 1000 apologies to my 10 The Healthy Press Subscribers that I took February off from Blogging... L & I went on a relaxing holiday to the Maldives & Sri Lanka. Relaxing at least until the last day when we hiked one of Sri Lanka's tallest mountains: Adam's Peak!!

A pilgrimage for Buddhists & Christians alike who believe this hill to be the location of man's first step. An opportunity, for me, not to be missed. So we awoke at 2am in attempt to reach the peak before sunrise... 5200 steps in 3 hours later we were at the top making a nominal donation to the monks at the top in exchange for 2 white bracelets signifying With God!!

We started the decent watching the sunrise over the surrounding hills and lakes!! I understand why the locals make this annual pilgrimage... The experience was Truly Spiritual!!

In standard THP Fashion of course I wore my heart rate monitor. From the accent to the peak it took 2 hours & 25 minutes with an average heart rate 125 bpm. Inserting my Magical Conversion the hike was aerobically equivalent to running a Half Marathon!! I burned 1400 calories...

I lived in Colorado & Arizona both of which have beautiful mountains which I miss greatly. Hiking is an amazing and healthy way to spend a day surrounded by nature. So if you live in the foothills; lucky you!! If you live in the city... 2 words; Road Trip!!

Check Out National Geographic Top 10 World Hikes!! I've done 3 :)