Saturday, May 19, 2012

Juice Blueberry

Hope you read my recent Juice Spinach blog post as it give a little background on the superfood concept. Blueberries are another of these so called Superfoods. Quick Hint:

Blueberries are arguably the best disease fighting specifically Cancer prevention and suppression. However I can't overlook the amazing health benefits of the other berries so just to mix up the Juicing Series lets assume that Blueberries are the Best of Everything Ever and you should eat them more often than you are already doing and give a brief overview of the other berries shadowed by the blue ones.

  • Blueberries: Proven to reduce the size of tumors
  • Strawberries: High quantities of Vitamin C & Folic Acid will boosts your immune system
  • Raspberries: Prevents age related mental decline
  • Cherries: Melatonin rich to help you sleep, also helps improve your memory with Anthocyanin
  • Cranberries: Protects Brain from Free Radicals
  • Tomatoes are technically really big Berries 

Keep in mind all the above berries all have amazing antioxidant qualities and disease prevention so feel free to juice and blend them to your liking... Not sure how tomato will mix with tart, hopefully they don't make you turn into something out of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory!!

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