Tuesday, November 22, 2011

(Don't) Gobble Gobble Gobble

In preparation for the Biggest Feast in American History & Annual Family Fun below are tips to cut calories on Thanksgiving as well as a Quinoa Turkey Burger Recipe to be enjoyed year round!!

Just as Charlie Brown is synonymous with Thanksgiving so is Turkey!! In order to avoid being a couch potato after dinner like Lucy pulling the football out below Charlie's feet follow 5 simple tips to make you feel light on your feet without sacrificing your favorites!! You can't blame Tryptophan forever...

Tip #1: Eat White Meat instead of Dark which has twice as much fat... No Skin Either.

Tip #2: Have a glass of Red Wine during dinner... Fat slows digestion, Red Wine kicks off the digestion process once you get up from the meal.

Tip #3: Eat Slowly with Smaller Portions... It takes time for hunger signals to contact your brain so slow down and you will eat less.

Tip #4: Choose plenty of Vegetables with your meal... Especially the green ones which will help control your blood sugar and maintain your bodies functions.

Tip #5: Drink lots of Water... Sparkling if available as it could relieve an upset stomach however staying hydrated could just save the following day if the drinks are heavy!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
And now for a great Turkey Burger with Quinoa Recipe wrapped in Lettuce with a Tahini Sauce...

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