Saturday, May 19, 2012

Juice Green Apple

The Apple: Commonly identified as the Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden has been linked with knowledge & temptation. Below are 10 quick & simple reasons to grab that Daily Apple:

  1. Wake Up!! Simple sugar provide a morning kick start
  2. Prevents Heart Disease: Just google Flavonoids...
  3. Curbs Cravings: Substitute for the sweet tooth.
  4. Natural Tooth Brush: Kills bacteria in your mouth
  5. Immune Booster: Rich in Vitamin C
  6. Cancer Prevention: Colon & Breast to be specific
  7. In with the Good Cholesterol out with the Bad
  8. Proven to help prevent Alzheimers & Parkinsons
  9. Fiber content improves digestion
  10. Actually improves lung capacity & function

Ok just to clarify point #1... there are myths that Green Apples are a better stimulus compared to Coffee. This is false however every once in a while I'll skip the Coffee and opt for crisp, slightly sour substitute and by gosh I think it works just as well. Maybe it'll all mental, maybe my body responds to Fructose better. I would be very interested to know what you think??

Juice Recommendation: Cucumbers, Ginger & Lemon!! 

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