Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Healthy Guacamole

Just for the record, if anyone read my blog yesterday, I did not make it to the gym this morning as I was wrapped up in a blanket battle last night. Tomorrow, however, is a new day and think I'll sleep much better after tonight's wonderful mexican food I miss so much. I credit Kalyn's Kitchen for the awesome tacos!!

On the recipe it suggests a variety of other condiments to put on the tacos; hot sauce, black olives, and my all time favorite... Guacamole!! However, spiced it up a bit with my patented recipe which I've been keeping a secret until so both of my blog followers can reap the healthy benefits of Avocados, Nuval Scope: 89...

The Press' Healthy Guacamole:

2 Fresh Avocados - The best are the squishy ones!! Mash with a fork before adding the rest...
100 grams of green salsa - Preferably from El Meson in Schaumburg IL but most will do.
100 grams of low fat cottage cheese - Great substitution for sour cream!! 

Mix well and add chili powder (or chopped jalapeños) to taste. I like mine spicy... Enjoy!!

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