Sunday, August 28, 2011

The On The Go Workout

I originally started The Healthy Press thinking I would be working out at home much more than the gym but this new motivations has encouraged me to hit the gym 4 day a week. However the unfortunate departure of my flat mate J gearing up to travel world has sparked my interest to find the best workouts for the busy and on the go type. My advice for J: walk everywhere, rent a bike, take the stairs instead of elevator... its amazing how exploring a new city on foot can keep you in shape!!

HP Tip #3: Take the stairs instead...

The best workouts are the ones you enjoy doing in a place you are comfortable!! At home, in a park, or at the beach... all perfect spots for workouts using your own body weight. Any additional tools you have are an added bonus: pull up bar, balance ball, a pair of 20lb weights, kettle bells, etc...

Alright here is the official release of THP 8-Minute @HomeWorkout: I perform 4 circuits of 3 lifts focusing lower body, upper body, core exercise. So crank up your favorite playlist and get started!!

First Circuit:
Second Circuit:
Third Circuit:
Final Circuit:
  • 60 seconds - Wall Sits (advance with arm circles)
  • 60 seconds - Bicycle Kicks
My focus revolves around muscle training and the fast transition facilitates a cardio workout as well, I even grab a full jug of water (approximately 44lbs) to add weight for the leg workouts (a loaded backpack or girlfriend works too). However would strongly encourage adding star jumps, burpies, jump rope, boxing, or jump squats to your routine to really kick start your heart rate. 

Playgrounds are a great places to find useful equipment especially for pullups & chinups will add the missing back & bicep routine from the items above, trees work too!! Also, Rubber Band Flex Tubes can add a fantastic element of resistance to your workout. There are heaps of similar workouts out there so mix it up, be creative, and most important Have Fun!!

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