Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Science Behind Muscle Repair

I've been experimenting with Fascia Stretch Training for about a month now and really notice results!! Chest, legs, biceps, etc. Basically on your last lift you stretch the focus muscle between sets then flex. I'll explain why this helps so keep reading...

Ok backing up a little bit... When you workout, your muscles fatigue and tear like tiny rips in a piece of paper. Your body then goes into a process called Muscle Protein Synthesis where amino acids repair the muscle. This is where your diet is so important; having Protein Rich Meals after workout will provide vital nutrients to promote fast and healthy muscle repair as well as facilitate muscle growth.

I can imagine the wheels turning. The reason for the stretching is to amplify the muscle tear like gently tugging on the already fractured piece of paper. Flexing then helps Promote Blood Flow which transport these crucial amino acids. Combined with a nice big steak or fish and you just hit the trifecta!!

Personally, I really enjoy a meal after working out. A reward for my effort which makes me appreciate food... Having large meals if I haven't worked out just seams like a waste of energy. However any protein that your body doesn't use just passes through your body unlike carbs that are stored as glucose then fat if not Burned Off.

THP Tip #4: Replace carbohydrates with lean protein...

Swap Pasta with Quinoa, Potatoes with Broccoli, Bagels with Scambled Eggs! The list goes on...

But the best part is the Muscle Protein Synthesis doesn't stop after your workout... Muscle Repair keeps burning calories up to 48 hours after your workout making lifting weights ideal not only for muscle growth but also for fat loss. Happy Muscle Recovery!!

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