Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Incredible, Edible, & Healthy Egg

A age old query just as baffling as "The Chicken vs The Egg" must be a more pertinent question... "Is The Egg Actually Good For You?" Fueled by misconceptions in the 1980's that a single egg contains about 200 mg of cholesterol, all of which can be found in the yoke, double the about American Heart Association recommends!! Just imagine the outcry...

But the truth of the matter is yes eggs do contain cholesterol however not all cholesterol is bad! There are two types: LDL vs HDL. Now its not as simple what the percentages of good vs evil in eggs, its all measured on the levels of cholesterol in your body. For the record HDL is the good guy!! Multiple studies have been conducted to show that eating a couple eggs per day will actually increase your HDL levels over time... which ultimately prevents against Heart Disease and lower risk of Breast Cancer!!

At only 80 calories an Egg is loaded with Protein, Calcium, Iron, Vitamins A, B2, B12, D & E all essential for everything from muscle repair to helping convert fat & carb to energy among other Remarkable benefits that vitamins & minerals have on your body, most of which can be found in the yoke.

Despite the positive reviews on eggs over the past few years busting the unhealthy myth of eggs I love eggs for the taste and energy they provide for breakfast. Every weekend I look forward to making the perfect scrambled eggs with Spinach, Peri Peri Spice, and a bit of Mozzarella Cheese!!

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