Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coconut Water

As I mentioned in my Last Blog, we just returned from sun-filled-holiday in the Maldives!! But what I failed to mention is both L & I have Northern European skin ie Pale with Freckles so the UV Rays seam to go out of its way to find us?!

We were OK for the first and second day bathing in sunscreen before we went out however the third day was a shocker!! A morning lather followed by a Quick Swim then a walk from island to island, topped off with an afternoon of snorkeling... needless to say our back and legs were a little beat up. Luckily for us though the Beach Guru showed up at our back porch offering Fresh Coconuts... We got 2!! The water was refreshing and the meat was addictive!!

Livestong says the best cure for a sunburn is Aloe Vera but personally I prefer Simple & Excessive Hydration!! This will naturally lubricate skin and help Prevent Pealing. Furthermore, Coconut Water hydrates much better than water as it contains Electrolytes just like Gatorade but without the added sugar.

Other great health benefits of Coconut Water: the High Potassium / Low Sodium Content helps Lower Blood Pressure, Raises Metabolism, it's a Natural Detox, Heightens Immune System, plus Many More...

So if you see the Beach Guru; just ask for a Fresh Chopped Coconut with a Natural Spoon!!

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