Monday, January 30, 2012

NY Resolution Fail

I am ashamed to admit but after a month of my New Year Resolution I am giving up... Not because I can't handle it or too busy or one of the other thousands of excuses. I am giving up on my goal to run 1000k in 2012 because I lost 6 pounds in a month: Yep 164 pounds to 158... 

Now some of the weight was fat, more was muscle which was is not my goal... L says I look too skinny but the tipping point for me is my arms look small!!

I do enjoy the Cardiovascular component to running however prefer to focus on maintaining muscle mass so Sunday I got back to my normal Chest routine. The new Polar Heart Rate Monitor I got for my birthday :) beeped at 165bpm after my first set. Then it hit me... I can keep my Heart Rate in the Cardio Zone while Lifting!!

My New New Year's Resolution: Log an equivalent amount of time in the Cardio Zone as I would by running 1000k... Swimming, lifting, biking, playing soccer, abs... the skys the limit!!

With some simple Algebra I extrapolated a constant from my past runs I refer to as The Multiplier. A ratio of pace over my average heart rate. The beauty of this is I can now compare ANY workout taking my average heart rate and time to equate the equivalent distance!! Example:

Using this same multiplier and working backwards from 1000k I would have to log 93 hours of exercise keeping my heart rate at 140bpm.

Let the games begin!! I've already logged 6:45...

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