Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Non-Diet

I have been trolling around with an idea ever since I did an Body Composition Assessment a year ago. My BMR current around 1800 calories not including workouts and I always try to breakdown my meals to get as close to the mark as possible but, as everyone can agree upon, controlling exactly what food you eat is not easy and counting calories is no fun!!

Additionally, many fad diets focus on a specific food which doesn't necessarily burn fat as desired. The basics to fat burning is simple:

  • THP FIT TIP #11: Burn more calories than you consume if you want to burn fat

So here's the plan... Target to consume 1200 to 1400 calories per day spread over 4 meals equally spaced starting as soon as you wake. My schedule:

  • Wake Up 7am: 2 Hardboiled Eggs & 1 Buttered Toast = 330 Calories
  • Midday Snack 3pm: Do it yourself Trailmix: 6g Cashews, 6g Almond, 15g Dried Apricots, 15g Peanut M&M, 10g Raisins & 15g Granola = 300 Calories
  • Dinner 7pm: Mushroom, Garlic & Lean Beef Bleu Cheese Burger on a Whole Wheat Bun = 390 Calories
  • Go to sleep at 11pm: Drink lots of Water throughout the day, it helps digestion!

Theoretically you can eat anything ie carbs, protein or fats to makeup the calorie count so mix it up. Just be cautious that eating processed foods may change the function of your liver to breakdown Chemicals instead of the natural food used in the all the recipes above!! 

And remember that unused protein flushes out of your system where carbs are stored as fat. On days I lift I'll add a protein shake or two make sure my muscles are not being depleted instead of the desired fat loss... I estimate that for every week you follow the above you'll loose about 1 pound of fat.

  • 600 calories burned per day = 75 grams of fat or 0.165 lbs x 6 days = 1 pound of fat

We're going to start blogging some Healthy 300 Calorie recipes especially Ripe Vegetable Salads. Stay Tuned & Stay Healthy!!

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