Saturday, February 23, 2013

Malbec vs Carmenere

Part 2 of My Wine Experiment to establish my own descriptors to wine and eventually determine my favorite in a side by side comparison. This time we travel to compare a 2011 Argentinian Malbec vs Carmenere of the same vintage. Lets start the swirl...

Malbec - Contrary to other Malbecs I've had, this wine had almost no smell to it, it was a more transparent than most as well. First sip was tangy and tart, like a candy. After a minute it became much smoother, I would like to say it was because the wine "opened up" after "breathing" but I'm sure my pallet just adjusted. Light fruit flavors mostly remnant to citrus. I'm sure it would pair well with heavy fair but wasn't my favorite Malbec I've had for sipping, too light.

Carmenere - Wow!! I think it was the first time I've had Carmenere I was different that other red I've had, still working through what specific differences but really enjoyed this one. It had a long and dry finish leaving big raspberry and blackberry flavors lingering for minutes. Definitely more tannic than acidic. It also had some soft leather and charcoally taste which reminded me of camping, I bet it would great with anything on the grill!!

Winner - Carmenere!! Next week: Spanish Rioja vs Garacha

Credit - Ventisquero Reserva 2011 Carmenere & Viento Sur 2011 Malbec

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