Sunday, January 6, 2013

Night Juice Wine Club

In recent months, I've became much more intrigued with wine and the different types from around the world. I love to write about working out, health, fitness and recipes; which I still plan to do however as a New Years Experiment I am temporarily rebranding The Healthy Press to talk about Wine… the good, the bad and the random facts about wine. My goal is simple... to be able to enjoy wine more than I currently do.

A little history about my wine journey… I started drinking wine when in living Australia for a term in college mainly drinking fruity white blends out of a box; bad way to introduce such an amazing drink as it tainted my perception from the start. It wasn’t until years later when I met my now wonderful fiancé that I was reintroduced to wine, in bottle form; mainly $10 reds over dinner. I enjoyed this much more than in my adolescent years eventually referring to wine as Night Juice...

We took trips to San Sebastian Spain, Bordeaux France, and Tuscany Italy drinking the local wine and absolutely loved the experience even though we didn’t have a clue what we were drinking. This sparked my enthusiasm to learn more about the subject starting with downloading all 66 episodes of Wine For Normal People; which is Awesome!!

Despite being 22 episodes in by no means am I going to claim to be an expert nor do I ever plan to inherit such title, however I would love to become familiar with the different types of wine and speak intelligently about the subject. Upcoming topics include:

Hopefully everyone can learn a thing or two along The Healthy Press: Night Juice Wine Club Journey. Cheers,

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