Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fit Running Tips

Distance Running for me is not only good exercise but a great time to reflect... Part of me wishes I've been running for years; the other believes I've fallen upon this whole fitness thing now for a reason. 

Either way here are a bunch of tips I that would of helped me get started to train for a race. In Simple Bullet Points... Close the Gap!!
  • Training: Choose a plan that fits your schedule, rushing home from work is a chore and will make the whole experience less enjoyable...
  • Eating: Magnesium helps prevent cramping but Fiber causes it... What to do about those delicious leafy greens?? Still working on this one but my suggestion is to eat light, eat simple. 
  • Drinking: Hydrate well the night before but minimal before the race. Once you get thirsty while running go to town on the liquids but don't overdue the gatorade, could cause cramps.
  • Snacking: Dried Apricots & Almonds...
  • Stretching: Don't forget your calves!! They tighten quick and don't let go.
  • Listening: Live Music; feels like everyone is cheering you on!!
  • Pacing: The right pace can last forever. Find it and stick to it, over exhaustion can lead to a miserable race. If you set you standards low there is only room for improvement!!
  • Starting: Don't peak too soon; start slow & finish strong!!
  • Breathing: I generally try to breathe normal when racing but for all the multitaskers out there deep breathes from the Belly increases the oxygen flow and reduces cramping.
  • Thinking: Mind over matter. Your first long race I can promise you at some point you'll question your decision making process. I can also promise you'll be glad you did after you cross that finish line so just maintain those positive thoughts and push through!! 
  • Finishing: Close the Gap!! That last 8th of the race make it a goal to slowly close the gap with person in front of you. Next thing you know you'll have some groupies on your coattail!!
  • Celebrating: Have a nice protein filled meal... You'll have deserved it!! 
That's assuming you can walk... Just kidding! Hope you learned from my mistakes!! Check out more great tips from ChiRunning...

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