Monday, December 26, 2011

A Healthy Salt

First off I want to make it clear that Salt is Essential. It is a key ingredient to a Healthy Metabolism and maintains balance in your body. As you exercise your body emits salt through sweat and it is highly recommended to replenish before your blood-sodium level drops hence why gatorade has fairly high sodium levels.

Recommended levels of sodium is Less Than 2300mg per day for an average young adult even though the national average is around 3400mg. A Big Mac has 1020mg alone.

Too much salt can cause an array of Health Problems!! Everything from Hypertension & High Blood Pressure to Osteoporosis & Stomach Cancer. The biggest offenders for high sodium foods are the processed foods, canned soups, fast foods and so many more

White table salt essentially is nothing but sodium chloride mixed with Iodine which is added to support the Thyroid Gland. It is normally chemically processed and bleached which can make it Toxic! But worst of all... its Addictive!!

THP Fit Tip #7: Avoid Processed Food & Use Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt When Cooking!!

This naturally occurring salt has been mined from the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan for last 700 years and contains 84 Minerals including Iron, Copper, Fluoride, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium and of course Iodine!! In addition this Magic Salt helps Maintain Blood Sugar Levels, Regulates Blood Pressure, Prevents Cellulite and Reduces Risk of Dehydration compared to Table Salt.

I think the taste is much better too... 

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