Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quick Legs

Percentage wise your legs make up the biggest muscle group in your body. They are also the easiest to workout multiple groups at once. In addition to my previous Leg Press gym workout here are 4 Super Quick at home leg exercises to Quick Start your day... hehe

  • 30 Squats - Finish on your toes to work your calves
  • 80 Mountain Climbers - Make sure to wear shoes
  • 40 Sec of Wall Sits - Arms making tiny circles

The whole routine takes only 4 or 5 minutes with minimal rest in between but its a great way to get your heart rate up to High Intensity Training levels!! Your body will also continue to burn calories well after the workout to fuel and repair the exhausted leg muscles. Add weight for extra resistance... Do it twice for a prolonged cardiovascular workout while training you muscles!!

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