Monday, January 9, 2012

The Grapefruit Catalyst

I don't want to sound like your mother but its true... Breakfast is the Most Important Meal!! Imagine starting a log fire without any fuel, it will work eventually but would be much easier if you just added a dash of lighter fluid to speed up the process. Well your body works the same way.

During sleep your metabolism slows to solely Maintain Body Functions however when you wake this decreased metabolic rate will be prolonged unless you inject fuel into the equation ie Food!! If this source of fuel is not received your blood sugar levels will eventually drop putting your body in a state of Hypoglycemia... 

Obviously this is in extreme conditions however lack of food is the main reason people are tired in the morning. Many people counteract this fatigue with nature's caffeine ie Coffee!! This will only provide a temporary jolt and leave you dehydrated.

Grapefruit Juice on the other hand provides much needed Vitamin C which kick starts your Metabolism better than any other citrus fruits as well as contains much needed Fiber & naturally reduces insulin levels...

Now I enjoy a cup a coffee just as much as the rest however recently I replaced my fix with a large glass of Grapefruit Juice complimented with 2 Hardboiled Eggs & Greek Yogurt. This quick breakfast consisting of about 350 Calories usually keeps me Awake & Satisfied until a late lunch.

Try it, you have nothing to lose but sleep...


  1. Coffee needed for the jolt to make breakfast without burning the house down! Does Ruby Red count:) Love Ruby Red...Greek yogurt it already is with blueberries and walnuts! Will get on the grapefruit juice train!

  2. Good to hear Mountainmomma!! Coffee is not an issue and is fine in moderation... The problem arrises when Coffee is attempted to be consumed instead of a proper breakfase!! Hope JALE is treating you well!!

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