Monday, April 16, 2012

Juice Cucumber

I have to admit that #4 of the Juicing Series is by far most refreshing Vegetable Juice!! Along with a multitude of Health Benefits I highly recommend to Juice Cucumber... Keep Reading :)

  • All the Vitamin B Will Offer a Boost of Energy
  • Balances Electrolytes to Reduce Body Temperature
  • Natural Silica Builds & Maintains Muscle Tissue
  • Quick Detox Drink & Excellent Kidney Cleanse
  • Vitamins & Antioxidants Relieve & Repair Dry Skin
  • Rich in Potassium to Help Regulate Blood Pressure
  • One More... Pickles!!!! 

After writing that I wish I had a lawn to mow; just so after I could relax with the smell of Freshly Cut Grass in the air & a refreshing Electrolyte Boost in my hand!!

Check out some other great uses for Cucumbers!! They're cool as a Cucumber hehe...

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