Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Juice Ginger

OK... #3 in the Juicing Series and no I am not referring to Performance Enhancing Drugs. I'm on about Good Old Fashion Natural Beverages made with, in this case, roots... Juice Ginger!!

I'd recommend to be mix Ginger with other juice but even in small quantities benefits are huge:

  • Aids Stomach Aches & Digestion Problems
  • Apparently Helps Cramps You Know When
  • Ginger is a Germ Fighting Immune Booster
  • Instant Energy! or at least a Great Placebo?
  • Pain Killer for an Alternative Medicine
  • Ginger Tablets help prevent Sea Sickness

The best combination I've found is with Cucumber & Lime which I call Sweet & Spicy... but feel free to add it to all your favorites!! It usually adds a kick...

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